5 Ways To Get Organized With Woven Trunk Storage

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Did you ever have that moment where you saw a famous influencer having a cozy and chic storage box in the background of their video, and all you do is focus on the trunk storage, trying to get some details about where to purchase it? Or have you caught a glimpse of a beautifully embroidered trunk, and ever since it has been a story of one side love with you never actually possessing it?

Then maybe, Furnweave could be helping you out here! We present to you our take on the famous embroidered and woven trunk storage. Furnweave also has a wide range of wooden handwoven furniture which is very elegant and stylish.

5 Ways To Get Organized With Woven Trunk Storage- Furnweave

Trunk storage has been around for a long time. We all remember our grandparents storing their belongings in huge trunks, which became a treasure hunt for us as hints. That huge trunk surely has sentimental value for most of us, but it may not seem too aesthetic.

That is where we step in!

Furnweave presents to you the same trunk but with a lot of glam and element to it. Our goal was to bring in a storage facility that is multi-purposeful and looks pretty as well because who has the time to be live in a boring space?

Our trunks are extremely spacious and can fit a huge amount of stuff into them. You could use it to store clothes, shoes, essential files, and just about anything that needs storage. The outer material is strong enough to endure all sorts of hard pressure lasting you for a lifetime!

By choosing our variety of trunk boxes, you can select the color of a trunk that you like best and add it to any room to instantly add glamour to the room.

Find below ways in which our best selling trunks can amplify your spaces by adding a little bit of spark in any room it goes:

As A Center Table

Any living room will always feel incomplete without the center table. Any gathering will always need a centerpiece around which everybody comfortably relaxes, and why does it always have to be a table or a boring piece of furniture? You can always play it up by adding these colorful trunks. They are long enough to cover the center space and are bright enough to actually be the center of attraction.

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The variety of colors in which they are available makes it easier to blend into any shade of a room but stand out on its own. So do away with the boring and commonly found center tables and instead add life to the living room with our woven trunks.

You can also look at hand woven table in India, which has multiple uses and are very attractive.

As A Book Storage Unit

The ample amount of available space lets this piece of furniture become the ideal choice for storing all sorts of things. It can be used to store books, crockery, or even unused clothes. It is airtight and proves to be perfect for storing for a longer period. Be assured that your articles will not be spoiled and remain intact when stored in these woven trunks.

As A Bench

Have the center table already but are some seats missing from your living space? Do not worry. We have got you covered. Unlike its ancestor, our trunks are not too rough as we have a smooth layer of woven fabric all over them. They can double up and be used as a fancy bench as well. All you got to do is place some beautiful pillows and put them against a wall. You will instantly feel that your space looks ten times better just by this addition. You could store all your games or magazines underneath and use it comfortably as a bench when not in use.

You can also buy stools in India to complement the trunk.

As A Plant Stand

You can also add some green to any part of your house by adding the woven trunks as a plant stand. Indoor plants add a lot of oxygen and make you feel fresh even while not being exactly in nature. It is good for your eyes and also makes you feel much more relaxed instantly!

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As A Background For Your Small Business

Is it a daily task for you to find a background to get pretty pictures for the items in your small business? Is it difficult for you to store all the materials of your business in a fixed designated place? Then our woven trunks are here to provide their valuable services to you. These trunks are extremely colorful and can be used as a background for the items in your business. The amount of space that they provide can be utilized to store all your business-related stuff so that you do not have to search through every corner of your house the next time something goes missing.

So what is keeping you still second-guessing? Check out all our collections for woven trunks and woven furniture in India, and quickly choose your favourite pair to instantly brighten up your space and make your place extremely functional.