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Best Place To Buy Laundry Basket/Storage Trunk Online In India 

Introducing the Furnweave laundry box with lid, a beautiful and functional piece handcrafted by skilled artisans in India. Woven from the cotton rope in a beautiful color combination, our versatile basket can be used for laundry, storing blankets or towels, or even as an extra seat or coffee table.  

Our multipurpose storage box and its light, compact design make it easy to move from room to room, and its timeless style will complement any home décor. Whether you are looking for a practical solution for your laundry needs or a stylish way to add extra storage to your home, the Furnweave Laundry Basket /Storage Trunk is a perfect choice. You can also check our unique handcrafted products like –  wooden khaat, chowki and cane chair so much more! 

What are the benefits of Furnweave’s Laundry Basket/Storage Trunk? 

Standard benefits of Laundry Basket: 

  • Handcrafted in India by skilled artisans 
  • Cotton rope construction for durability 
  • The versatile design can be used for laundry, storage, or seating 
  • Great for use as the blanket box.

Emotional benefits of Laundry Basket: 

  • Add a touch of style to your home décor. 
  • The light and compact design make it easy to move around. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Laundry baskets can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, wicker, bamboo, canvas, rope and mesh. Furnweave laundry baskets are made of cotton rope.
Laundry baskets are primarily used for holding and transporting dirty or clean laundry. They can also be used as blanket box, or for storing other household items or as a decorative element in a room.
It depends on personal preference and the intended use. Lids can help contain odors and keep laundry out of sight.