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Buy Wooden Charpai Online

Among all the unique Indian household items, Charpai is the most memorable custom souvenir. This “Indian bed”, also famed as village bed, is portable and highly environmentally friendly and is displayed as part of the historical culture and tradition. This comfortable bed is used as furniture for everyone in houses and terraces, courtyards and streets. It is usually used as a bed in hot areas. It is a functional piece of furniture from Furnweave. There is so much innovation being done with the old charpai. This beautiful Indian bed is made entirely of woven ropes in traditional patterns, reminiscent of ancient Indian heritage. To make this amazing village bed a part of your home, definitely consider it for a room centerpiece, daybed or outdoor bench.

  1. It is compact in structure, and it is seen as a design element to bring rustic flavor to homes. As a place for people to gather, it has social value.
  2. People usually sleep in khatiya like this, without a mattress. The goal is to ensure maximum ventilation and avoid sleep disturbances caused by high temperatures and humidity.
  3. It is widespread to see Charpai outdoors in the countryside.
  4. Rajasthani bed (Charpai) is also a very suitable village bed for sleeping, relaxing and socializing. Modern technology has shaped Charpai in many different ways making it available online too!

At Furnweave, our goal is to bring back the ancient fabric and furniture styles that appeared in India before the pre-partition. To revive this magnificent handicraft, we hope to provide our artisans with a global platform to promote their products, thereby creating a sustainable income and employment model.

The best part is that when you are not using them, they don’t even take up much storage space. If you are looking for portability and heat dissipation, then this is your best choice. The charpai or khaat is the one that lies the most reliable and convenient bed for people who are insomniac, lack sleep or any discomfort.

Are you interested in the benefits of wooden handwoven charpai?

Reasons to buy  wooden charpai online:

  • Charpai is especially useful in hot and humid climates, giving you comfort and absolute relaxation.
  • The old design provides good airflow and portability.
  • In some Indian families, ancient Shire scaffolding has been passed down from generation to generation
  • People suffering from back pain can sleep on this amazing handwoven khat to treat their back pain problem easily, that to be only by resting.
  • Convenient, durable, sustainable, portable and rich in tradition, get this Indian bed. Buy khatiya online exclusively at Furnweave!

How can you get this handwoven wooden charpai?

You will notice this mainly in the village and its surrounding areas and the cultural people who use it. Therefore, they are a valuable and durable item. If you need extra space, this can be an extra bed, a porch bench, a balcony seat or an extra service room. In any case, a plain bed is a must.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of wooden handwoven furniture, we design beautiful modern handmade rope/woven furniture. We are proud to create these village beds/ Manjhi beds in a modern style to suit your home decor. They can give you a classic retro look to your home or cafe restaurant that serves beautifully decorated Indian barbecue. It is becoming more and more popular in parts of India and overseas; one can buy woven furniture in India online with its various designs available on Furnweave.

The fact holds equal importance because they are easy to maintain and last long till all your generations using it, easy to operate, highly personalized and recognizable in the environment. It is also interesting that although the project includes several of them using different weaving techniques and materials, Charpai’s central design transcends area, time, and the many “hands” that hold it. Browse the page to know about charpai price for  various designs of khatiya charpai.

At a certain time or area, you can think of them as great village beds or great Indian beds everywhere. They serve as a relaxing meeting point for our community. You can also buy woven bench online and wooden chair at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Charpais are traditionally made using mango wood, neem wood, or sheesham wood.
Yes, charpais are known for their comfort and are a popular choice for sleeping in many parts of India.
Manja bed is another name for a charpai or a traditional Indian cot made of wood and woven rope.
Charpai bed is a traditional Indian cot made of wood and woven rope that is commonly used for sleeping and lounging.
Khatiya is a Hindi word for a cot or bed made of wood and rope, similar to a charpai, which is commonly used for resting and sleeping in India.
An Indian charpoy is a traditional cot or bed made of wood and woven rope, also known as a charpai or manja bed. It is commonly used for sleeping and resting in India.
Charpai provides various health benefits such as better blood circulation, improved posture, reduced back pain, and better sleep quality due to its firm yet flexible surface that contours to the body’s shape.
Charpais have several benefits such as being durable, affordable, comfortable for seating and sleeping, and can be easily disassembled and transported. They also promote good air circulation and are eco-friendly as they are made from natural materials.