Furnweave offers a three-year warranty on all products listed on its website. Certain conditions apply to this warranty. In the following cases, your claim under this policy will be denied: 

  1. Normal or expected wear and tear. 
  2. Significant change in appearance, durability, quality, behaviour, colorfastness, or any other characteristic. 
  3. Wood, laminate, and other covering materials’ colour, grain, or texture.
  4. Color changes in wood or fabric caused by ageing or light exposure.
  5. Damage or failure caused by a product’s modification, self-repair, alteration, misuse, or abuse. 
  6. Defect or damage caused by the use of glass or other foreign materials to cover product tops. 
  7. Furnweave products are intricately woven, and the entire process is done by hand. Hand weaving tends to loosen over time and as a result of weight issues. Please keep in mind that this is not covered by our warranty. 
  8. Exposing the product to liquids, including running water. 

The experienced staff at Furnweave will decide whether or not to honour warranty claims in relation to the aforementioned criteria. Their judgement shall be decisive, binding, and final. 

 The circumstances listed above represent exceptions to our warranty policy. We will not accept any warranty claims that fall into one of these categories. 

Contact our grievance redressal cell at [email protected] if you have any additional complaints. 

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