Furnweave grants 3 year warranty on all the products listed on its website.

This warranty is subject to certain conditions. You claim under this policy will not be regarded in the following circumstances:

  1. Normal or routine wear and tear.
  2. Substantial change in appearance, durability, quality, behaviour, colourfastness or any other attribute.
  3. Colour, grain or texture of wood, laminate and other covering materials.
  4. Changes in wood or fabric colour due to aging or exposure to light
  5. Damage or failure resulting from modification, self-repair, alteration, misuse or abuse of a product.
  6. Defect or damage arising out of coverage of product tops with glass or other foreign materials.
  7. Furnweave products are woven intricately and the entire process is hand crafted. Hand weaving has a tendency to loosen over time and due to weight issues. Please note that our warranty does not cover this.
  8. Exposing the product to running water or any other liquid.

Decision on the warranty related claims in respect to the above mentioned points shall be at the discretion of Furnweave’s expert team. Their decision shall be final, conclusive and binding.

The above mentioned cases stand as exceptions to our warranty policy. Any claim for warranty that falls in these categories shall not be accepted by us.

In case of any other grievance, feel free to contact our grievance redressal cell at [email protected].

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