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Buy Handwoven Wooden Sitting Stools Online in India

A stool is an often-used item in your home and might be seen resting in various corners – whether it’s for utility or for decorative purposes.

How to utilize this wooden handwoven Stool or (Rajasthani Pidha) in your home?

When you are employing a wooden sitting stool for the room, you must be clear that you just will need to get it on up with a variety of assorted elements. There are other rooms of the house that will also like this decor worthy plus utilitarian touch.

  1. The stool for the bedroom can sit on either side of the bed provided it’s of the correct height, and this could easily become an attention seeker especially in a very small bedroom that’s low on space.
  2. Since they are environmentally friendly in both design and choice of materials, these natural designs make an excellent choice for your home decor.
  3. The stool with the shelf within the middle of its length also will be very helpful in such a case whether it is extra space for storing or as a step for you to mount.
  4. You’ll be able to layer it with mats and coasters in varied shapes and it will be wrapped with varied fabrics and textures.
  5. Its organic structural qualities enliven our home with its woven designs, offering interesting and cultural feels that touch our senses, as well as its ability to offer decoration.

With such a great sense of multifunctionality, the stools for the house front room also can become a wooden stool for adornment. So, buy a wooden handwoven stool online at Furnweave. These are helpful if you have got a small space and you would like to arrange the space for storage and added as decoration.

Reasons to invest in wooden sitting stool:

  • The lightweight design is straightforward to move round the home while the grippy feet provide dependable stability while in use.
  • These stools feature a smooth style that easily doubles as a side table or spare seat for multipurpose appeal – an ideal balance between modern aesthetics and everyday performance.
  • Their style is certain to appear great in any home – especially with interiors supported by minimalist, modern, rustic, etc.
  • Our collection of stools are the perfect in every sense providing a compact hunt for small spaces & cozy corners for big spaces in your home. Built on a sturdy wooden frame, they’re handwoven using natural & up-cycled sustainable materials.

These high design wooden handwoven stools really take the classic seat to a different level. Choosing wooden handwoven furniture online has never been easier! Exquisite handwoven stools can even hold a very important part of Indian aesthetics, without it, your house are going to be incomplete. Now, make a choice from our exquisite handmade furniture online store, which is able to make your lifestyle more vivid,  simple, reliable and trustworthy.

Our range of exquisite handwoven stools wouldn’t only facilitate you in various tasks round the home, but it also can serve an excellent purpose when it involves the decor of your home. This is often one of the most effective ways to elevate the assorted items that contribute to the theme and magnificence of the house. You can also buy accent chairs and wooden lounge chairs online.


Frequently Asked Questions

The average height of a wooden stool is between 14 to 24 inches.
Sheesham Wood is best for stool.
Furnweave Stools are made from sheesham wood and jute or cotton rope.
Rajasthani Pidha is a traditional low seating furniture item from Rajasthan, which is typically made of wood and used for seating or as a decorative item.