Why Charpai at Furnweave?

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In the wooden charpai business, Furnweave has become popular in producing a wide range of these “desi khatiya” in the traditional manner, which is top in the making with utmost care and sound – designed style according to the need of customers, based on the places they use these.

What is Charpai?

Charpai is a village daybed with several other names such as wooden manji, wooden khatiya, desi khatiya, Indian village bed. This bed is woven entirely with fibers mainly of coconut and jute fibers in an interconnected or in a kind of designed/net-like cross-over within fibers to a wooden or a metal rod or bed like structures giving a pleasant feel to people who layover or rests on it.

Buy Khatiya online- Furnweave-Why Charpai at Furnweave?
  • By many ancient books and traditional activities, this Niwar Charpai is considered a kind of manji daybed on which people used to sleep, from many years till now proving it to be a pain reliever mentally and providing pleasure.
  • It doesn’t have a mattress like standard charpai cot single beds, which is irregular in most cases, making it uneasy for people during usage in the summer season as they restore heat that causes pain using for long durations.

Advantages of buying Furnweave products in comparison to low costs wooden charpai of other companies?

  • High-quality fibers for weaving
  • Good elegance
  • Durability
  • Standard wood and iron material
  • Warranty
  • Vast delivery options(online)
  • Accommodating a high number of people (4-5)
  • Well-designed nettings
  • Trusted source
  • Customized product

Comparison of Charpai at furnweave with that of Others:

Product PictureWhy Charpai at Furnweave? by Furnweave
DurabilityFurnweave product comes with durability that lasts for years.This product doesn’t be durable upon usage for years and also comes with low-grade material.
CustomizationChoice of colors, legs, weaving pattern & material can be customized.These will be in fixed design and lengths where you don’t see customization according to your need.
Quality of ropeHigh-quality ropes with yarns of coconut, jute processed are used.Low-grade quality of fibers used.
FoldableAs this product is customized in size, and having folding nature it can even move to places.With a fixed length and lack of foldability, it will be challenging for customers to fold and move.
Transportation costSince the product is foldable, packaging cost/carton size will be less and transportation can be accessible from one place to other.Transportation is of high risk, as it is not foldable owing to packaging material cost increase.
Warranty of productThis product comes with a minimum warranty of 72 months.As the material is lowgrade quality, there is no warranty seen.
Delivery optionsOnline delivery options are available to most of the metro cities.Delivery options are minor and cannot be seen in most places.
Handling CapacityThese can accommodate a weight of 400 kg easily without any issues with fibers loosen or bends.It cannot accommodate more than 99 kg as the quality isn’t good and the fibers get loosen easily.
ElegancyWith skilled artisans, these look more elegant and eye-catchy.These come with a standard design that is dull in appearance.
Price & TaxAround 9000-10,000/- depending on the design and the material. With 18% inclusive tax.Around 1500-2000/- as there is no quality in the materials used. They evade full tax.

Why do we have high costs compared to others?

  • Durability: The wooden charpai made at Furnweave has a durability of lasting for years when compared to some inexpensive kind of desi charpai bed that are available at the cost range of less than 1500/-

We maintain the quality of fibers, weaving patterns, usage of high-quality wood and iron rods, making our product durable upon prolonged use.

  • Usage of quality material: At Furnweave, you can find the best quality material of fibers woven to these charpai cots by the artisans well trained in weaving by cross over and interconnections using of a variety of yarns like cotton, jute, and banana obtained from various places, processed and made to wove.
  • Customization of product: At Furnweave, the customer has the choice of customizing their product with a classy, elegant, colourful design according to their need as many people use these for various purposes (in the home for decor, resting bed for guests, sitting, for doing exercises)
  • Foldable property: Added advantage for our products is that they can be folded easily and moved to an unoccupied dwelling space. It can also lean against a wall.
  • Transport friendly khatiya: As the wooden charpoy with very light rigid material is available, these can be easily transported from one place to another, which relieves the cost of transportation, making it a transport-friendly product for both suppliers and customers.
  • Warranty of desi charpai beds: We provide various kinds of charpai cots with a warranty of a minimum of one year for the product that you buy with some policies like (verification not obtained for wear and tear, fiber loosen issues caused by extended usage as these are handwoven)
  • Design and elegancy of beds: At Furnweave one can obtain products of elegant nature and eye-catchy methods with a variety of fibers and colours that can use at home, shops, balcony, and especially at fields (by some villagers for resting during day time that’s why the name village daybed)
  • Vast delivery options: Furnweave has extensive online delivery options to most metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc., reaching out to many customers and making them happy with top-quality designer pieces.
  • High capacity of accommodation:Fibers used in making these wooden khatiya consists of high-quality cotton mixed with some other fibers, making them strong that can support with a total of accommodating 3-4 people of heavyweight and 5-6 people of lightweight sitting on it, allowing people to buy these instead of spending costs in charpai’s that are available at 1500/- cost and low(as they won’t provide warranty and cannot accommodate more number of people leading to its distrust)


Finally, Furnweave can proudly admit for its contribution to the Indian Economy by paying GST and some other taxes imposed by the Govt. as a part of quality and safety guidelines in transporting products to various cities by meeting the needs of people, serving as the best online platform for buying different kinds of wooden charpai bed. You can buy wooden charpai online and woven furniture in India at Furnweave.