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Set of Two Stools and Charpai

A ‘Charpai’ or ‘Indian bed’ is a woven bed made with a very strong thread, e.g., jute. The way a ‘Charpai’ is knitted makes for a considerable section extremely uneven. This section is usually on the left side of the furniture. Among all the other furniture elements in an Indian household, charpai is the most memorable and comfortable even now. And it is portable and highly environmentally friendly.

Charpai is also known as Khaat, Khatia or Manji in the local Indian language, and the story behind the word ‘charpai’ is that it comes from two words — ‘char’, which means four, and ‘pai’, which denotes the legs.

This comfortable bed is often to be stored in the backyard of Indian homes, and on hot summer nights, Indians used to sleep on the charpai under the stars. There are so many innovations done on the Indian bed. Nowadays, these charpai’s are found in traditional ‘dhabas’ ( A Dhaba is a highway restaurant ) and in villages.

A charpai is used for several reasons by Indians beach then, some of them are:

  • Sleep/relaxation/ Meditation
  • Lounge and gossip. The elderly men of the house used to do gossips and fun during their free time while relaxing on charpai
  • Indian used to sit cross-legged on a charpai, lay a wooden plank in front where the thali is placed, and eat. The wooden plank works as your table on the charpai.
  • To denote status. When the village head (mukhiya) or council of elders (a panchayat) meet, they sit on a charpai. The villagers squat on the ground. Further, when an upper-caste person meets someone from a lower caste, the lower caste person squats on the ground.

This is a set of charpai with 2 stools with it, and stools also have a history, the stool is also known as Rajasthani pidha, these stools complete the charpai and create a vintage sofa set for your home, with a centre table, they look authentic and provide a different inviting look for your home.  You can also buy wooden charpai online.

Reasons to buy this Furniture Package?

  • These sets of charpai, stools and benches are perfect for creating a comfortable corner at your place.
  • Minimalist and elegant
  • Proudly woven and handmade in India
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
  • Beneficial for spinal cord and blood circulation

How can you get this Furniture set?

These furniture sets are strong and comfortable and come with 10 years of assured life with easy return and fast delivery facilities.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of wooden hand weaved furniture, we design beautiful and strong sets of handmade and traditional furniture with a modern style touch, which gives a classic retro look to your home, cafe or restaurant.

It is becoming more and more popular overseas, and in parts of India, one can buy woven furniture in India online on Furnweave.