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Sideboards are truly unique furniture design pieces; besides acting as the perfect storage element for any room, it also has the ability to fill empty space according to your aesthetic preferences, since the functionality is one of the most important concern when it comes to interior design we bring you a selection of gorgeous design ideas that range from colorful and handwoven to many more.

Sideboards come in a wide range, forms and finishes of styles, but the Bunai handwoven sideboard by Furnweave comes with unique and antique style with colorful cotton ropes designs, with a slight twist in their overall perspective they can be used in different ways while still becoming the focal point of any room. These innovative designs bring the best of form and functionality together, plus the large surface area on the top of the sideboard cabinet gives you the perfect opportunity to create a dashing and elegant display.

Reasons to buy sideboard?

  • Perfect for creating a Decorative corner at your place.
  • Minimalist and elegant
  • Proudly woven and handmade in India
  • Suitable to decorate your corner with plants or TV
  • Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
  • Create more visually spacious interiors

They serve as a decor furniture piece for your living room or dining room while serving as a functional piece of furniture to store your necessities. You can also buy woven bench online and hand wooden table in India at the best price.